O!POKA 2020

Join – social wine aerator

Project description

The project won 3rd prize in the international design contest Wine & Design organised by The Appio Spagnolo Association in Verona, Italy in 2019. The subject of the competition was to design objects aiming at the promotion of the wine industry together with the handcrafted furniture industry, and encouraging the positive combination of these two important productive fields.

“Join” is a design of wine aerator which aim is to serve as a gathering element and conversation starter around wine consumption. It enables serving wine for three to six people at the same time. While pouring people gathered around Join can contemplate the visual properties of wine and the beauty of its aeration process as well as the form of the object itself.

Join stand for the integration between the artistic furniture craftsmanship and commercial and social value of wine by bringing out the aesthetic significance of minimalistic, craft solution and bringing people together around wine consumption. It is dedicated for both exhibitors to serve their wines in an attractive manner for many consumers at once as well as people who appreciate the culture of wine, craftsmanship and design.

The form and proportions of the aerator are inspired by artisan cabinetwork. The core of the project is a tripod made with three wooden elements connected by an elegant carpentry joint. By juxtaposition of different wood species object emphasizes the character of used material and relates to an agreement despite differences and tolerance. The Lens, which is an element in the glass cup, is placed above the joint. It supports the aeration process and focuses sight on the aesthetic value of artisanry woodwork below. Through holes in the glass cup, wine flows down to trays that divide wine into six separate streams.


  • Date: III 2019
  • Authors: Aleksandra Michałowska, Jan Wyszkowski