O!POKA 2020

Cymak – speech therapy aid

Project description

Film showcasing the project

Cymak is a tool based on cymatics – a science studying relation of sound and form.
It was created in 2020 in cooperation with a team of speech therapists from special education facilities in Olsztyn, Poland (https://www.zpe.olsztyn.pl/).
The goal of the project is to increase childrens engagement in speech therapy. It often lasts for years and the traditional process can be arduous, which diminishes the effectiveness of excercises. It is proven that use of multisensory tools are beneficient for progress in therapy.
Cymak enables transforming sounds into animated pictures. By using microphone and a speaker the soundwaves are transferred onto interchangeable trays – One designed to be used with water, and one on which we can observe the motion of solid particles like sand or powdered pigments. Thanks to two microphone inputs, kids are able to play together animating visualisations or work simultaneously with a therapist. Apart from that, Cymak is fitted with a delay sound modulation, which helps when sustaining sounds is an issue and brings more fun and variation to the play/therapy.
The project was funded and completed thanks to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 2020 scholarship.


    • Date: 2020
    • Authors: Aleksandra Michałowska, Jan Wyszkowski