O!POKA 2020

A Breath of Serenity

Project description

A Breath of Serenity is a VR experience, which we created for NYX.VX. They wanted to produce a scene inspired by dojo and zen philosophy, where the player could experience different relaxations such as guided breath meditation or stone stacking.
We made art and direction concepts and 3d models ready to use in UE engine. Our biggest inspirations for this project was beautiful, pastel colouring of Studio Ghibli animation – Princess Kaguya and zenshü-yö architectural style (Japanese Buddhist architectural style).
Also, this production is optimized for Android, so it will be available for standalone Oculus and for smartphones using even the simplest cardboard VR headsets.
Work on the project continues, and of course we will let you all now when the scene becomes a virtual reality!


    • Date: 2022
    • Authors: Aleksandra Michałowska, Jan Wyszkowski